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How to Cross the US / Canadian Border with a Boat
Heading to the 2016 J/80 North Americans in Toronto? Preparation is the key to crossing the border with a boat!

My wife, Lisa, and I have been racing our J/80 Eagles Wings since 2002, but have always been a little intimidated by traveling to regattas. We finally decided that the 2012 LYRA at Ashbridges Yacht Club (just outside of Toronto) would be our first out-of-town (Rochester, NY) regatta. The north side of the lake J/80s (Fleet #20) were growing and we knew it would be great to race against a bunch of new -to-us boats. The welcoming crew at AYC was a great way to begin to ease our stress. They knew when we were to arrive, how to use the equipment, where to dock the boat and in general available to help.

Besides packing up and making sure we hadn’t forgotten anything, my biggest “fear” was how was the border crossing going to go? As it turned out, the border crossing was a non-event and despite the lack of wind, the regatta was a blast – we got to make a bunch of new J/80 friends and had a great time.

Just like racing, the key to success with crossing the border into Canada and (don’t forget) back into the United States is preparation. The definitive sources of information are the Canada Border Services Agency ( and US Customs and Border Protection ( We’ll cover the high level items here, but if you have any questions you should contact either or both of the above agencies well before attempting to travel into Canada. For the sake of this discussion, we’re assuming that you are US citizens and will be trailering a boat across one of the US/Canadian border crossings to Toronto for the J/80 North Americans.
Both governments have two main areas of interest when you are traveling across the border: the vehicle-trailer-boat and the people.

Both governments are concerned that all vehicles are properly registered and carry current inspections. The ideal situation would be if all three (vehicle, trailer, boat) are registered to the same name and that person is you or is with you. Otherwise, there must be clear documentation that you have permission to be transporting the vehicle/trailer/boat, including the owners contact information. The other concern is that you are not buying or selling – and therefore should be paying some tax. When asked, simply state that you are traveling to a regatta in Toronto and will be returning to the US in a few days.

The documentation required for the people crossing the border is different between the US and Canada. In order to return to the US, you must have a valid passport, NEXUS, or enhanced driver’s license. You can enter Canada with a birth certificate, but that will not be sufficient to allow you back into the US. If you are traveling with a minor whose parents are not present, you will also need an original Birth Certificate and a signed consent letter from the parents. Canada may also not allow individuals with a felony conviction or DUI entrance to Canada. See the websites above if there are any concerns about the admissibility of anyone in your group.

The websites also document items that are prohibited going to Canada and back into the US:

Certain food and vegetables

If you are leaving your boat in Canada for any reason, you will need form E29Bfor temporary Importation. For example if you are racing the LYRA regatta in Whitby Canada the week before and you wish to go back to the US in-between the regatta's.

In our case, for the 2012 regatta, both border crossings went very smoothly. We crossed into Canada at Lewiston, NY on a Wednesday in the early afternoon and only spent 5 minutes with the Canada Border officer. I had all the vehicle documentation ready, but all he needed were our passports. A simple conversation about where we were going and when we expected to return and then we were on our way. Sunday night after the regatta, we did encounter a delay due the amount of traffic returning to the US (maybe an hour), but the interaction with the Border officer was also very straightforward and professional.

| 21 April 2016 | J80.CA

Charleston Race Week 2016 and other upcoming events!
Good morning everyone!

I'm sorry it's been awhile since the page has been updated. However, With Spring here, its time to get rolling!!
First up, Charleston Race Week 2016, April 14-17!!
Charleston has become the premiere Destination Regatta for the East Coast. With Southern Hospitality and top notch race management, the event has something for everyone.
Currently, there are 12 J80's ready to hit the starting line, with the possibility of a few more!

Shortly after Charleston is he Annapolis NOOD Regatta April 29 - May 1. this is another well attended event, where the local fleet traditionally hosts a throw down for the visiting class members!!

I also wanted to throw out again that the 2016 North American Championship is being held in Toronto 4 -7 August. You Will be seeing more info on this as we get closer. Registration is up! you can find the link on the calendar page of this site!

That's it for now! If you have news you'd like to pass on or a regatta for us to post, please send us a line. We are always looking for fresh input from the members to add a different spin on the info we provide!

Until next time.....

Chris Chadwick
USA 59 "Church Key"
USA Class President

| 28 March 2016 | 

Update - NA's registration is open for biz!
2016 J/80 North Americans Championships

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)- National Yacht Club and the Lake Ontario fleet welcome the J/80 Community! Back to back three day weekend summer regattas and a few days between to enjoy Toronto Canada. Built in early registration discount for our US sailors as a result of their soaring dollar. The schedule for the 2016 J/80 North Americans will include a North Sails tune-up clinic on August 4th followed by 3 days of course racing from August 5-7 including daily prizes and social events with the championship awards on August 7th. Why not schedule a crew warm up, in conjunction with LYRA, we’re hosting the Hans Fogh Lake Ontario Championship the weekend prior at Whitby Yacht Club with 3 days of course racing July 29 – 31.

2016 J/80 North American Championship host at National Yacht Club on August 5-7

Register now

Contact Fleet 20 Captain Lawrence Alexander (CAN 33 JIGGERS!)- cell# +1-416-464-5236

| 13 February 2016 | Read more

2016 J/80 North American Championships in Toronto Canada!
Toronto & National Yacht Club Welcome the J/80 Community!

The Fleet 20 J/80 class flag is up and we’re looking forward to hosting the best North American Championship yet! For the first time ever, the NA’s will be hosted in Canada at National Yacht Club, right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Enjoy racing the world's best sport boat (yes, we're biased!) in great lake breezes followed by the friendliest après sailing parties.

The time is right to come on up to Toronto!

J/80 North American Championships
National Yacht Club, Toronto
August 4-7, 2016

Visit for details.

The schedule for the 2016 J/80 North Americans will include a tune-up clinic on August 4th followed by 3 days of course racing from August 5-7 including daily prizes and social events with the championship awards on August 7th. For full details, refer to the official race documents posted on the Yacht Scoring registration website.

And, don’t miss the 2016 J/80 Hans Fogh Memorial Championship at LYRA on July 29 - 31, 2016

The 2016 NA’s follow one week after LYRA which will be hosted at Whitby Yacht Club, just 35 minutes from Toronto. Consider entering both regattas for back to back weekend competition and time to enjoy Toronto. In 2015, the J/80 Lake Ontario fleet took home LYRAs largest one-design award and we intend to do it again in 2016.

Come join us to help make it the largest OD fleet LYRA has ever hosted!

Visit for details.

| 25 January 2016 | Go to 2016 J/80 North American's Web Site for More Information

2016 J/80 Hans Fogh Lake Ontario Championship
I’m please to announce that the 2016 J/80 Hans Fogh Lake Ontario Championship will be held at Whitby Yacht Club in conjunction to LYRA 2016. The Lake Yacht Racing Association annual regatta has a long and vibrant history on Lake Ontario and we are please to partner again this year to holding our event under the LYRA umbrella. Our hosts, the Whitby Yacht Club are celebrating their 50th anniversary and determined to put on a first class regatta! Boat measurements and weigh-ins are by appointment July 27th and 28th and course racing runs from July 29th through 31st. This regatta is considered a warm up event for the J 80 North Americans held the following weekend.

For more on our local J/80 fleet activities please visit or contact fleet captain Lawrence Alexander C 416 464 5236

| 20 January 2016 | The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

2015 J-Jamboree/East Coast Championships Summary
This year’s J-Jamboree was held on Lake Winnipesauke from September 18th - 20th. The event once again delivered great racing and memories for all participants. Thirteen teams from Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and New Hampshire participated. On Friday teams registered and attended a great welcoming party at the Lake Winnipesaukee Sailing Association Sailing Center. Racing began on Saturday morning. The day was very warm, in the mid to upper 70’s. In the morning there was little to no wind. Due to wind conditions the first race was abandoned and the Race Committee raised the AP flag. During the delay, teams participated in water fights, friendly banter, general tomfoolery and swimming. Shortly before 2pm the winds filled in. Conditions were perfect with flat water and 8-12 knots of breeze. Four races were held. Kerry Klingler’s boat Lifted dominated the day with 3 bullets and a first day total of 8 points for the day. In second place was Ken Mangano’s boat Mango with a first day total of 12 points, followed closely by Casey Nickerson’s boat Argo III with a total of 15 points. On Saturday evening the J-Jamboree party was held at the Lake Winnipesauke Yacht Club. Racers had a great dinner, rum drinks and participated in a raffle of North Sails gear. Overnight conditions changed and fall arrived in New England. The morning dawned cool and blustery with winds over 20knots with gusts approaching 30 knots. Strong winds made for exciting and challenging conditions for all the racers. At times the scene was reminiscent of 2010 Worlds, with boats planning down wind at over 15knots and carnage on the race course!! In the end, it was once again Lifted dominating the day with three more bullets and taking home the 2015 East Coast Championship trophy! With a great day on the water and in difficult conditions Les Beckwith’s boat FKA came from behind and put three deuces on the board to take 2nd place overall. Mango was close behind taking 3rd. Complete results will be posted soon on the J-Jamboree website See you all next year!!! Cheers, Jeff Rabinowitz, J80 Fleet 1 Captian.

| 20 January 2016 | 

LYRA 2015 Hans Fogh Memorial J/80 Lake Ontario Open at Sodus Bay Yacht Club
Oh what a feeling! Its been a few weeks since LYRA and the after glow continues. We had our largest Fleet 20 turn out yet with 9 boats competing at Sodus Bay YC. For those that didn’t make it, you were missed!

The J/80 fleet started showing up first by water after racing from Rochester YC to Sodus Bay YC in true championship fashion. We clearly were making a statement by posting a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place win in the Centennial Race Division 2, PHRF 1 Spinnaker start and PHRF 1st Overall Corrected. I had friends in other fleets that were blown away watching the J/80 fleet storm by them on the course. Everyone wants a J/80!

Congratulations to Gene and the Escape crew along with the rest of the competitors. This has inspired a coastal race to be incorporated into next years race week. More to follow.

2 Stray J

Wednesday was the day the road warriors arrived, one by one pulling in and taking over the SBYC launch area. Owners and crew across the fleet swarmed in to assist in what was a mostly uneventful process of stepping the masts and launching the boats. By mid afternoon many of the competitors were tuned and rafted off the prime location designated J/80 docks and enjoying the camaraderie.

The Smith’s invited us all to a Irish Pub in Webster where we were toasted by the locals in true tradition, Sláinte J/80’s! At this point I want to thank our Chef de Mission Lisa Smith and her crew David and Ben. You guys truly made the entire regatta for us, from the moment we arrived until we pulled out on Sunday. Having the SBYC committee know what to expect before we arrived, assigning a sweet location for us and setting the extra buoys to support our raft was awesome. Dave, your assistance and cool head mast stepping kept us all calm and got the job done. Ben, I’m sure you had something to do with the ever flowing beer (and water) in Lisa and Dave’s cooler, thanks for all your help!

I can’t forget to mention our mariners on Breakaway J that sailed in from Kingston YC, on short fuel rations and the circumnavigators on Feisty, sailing all the way from NYC in Toronto, wow… impressive!

The LYRA course racing was awesome, with three great races Friday, three more on Saturday and two on Sunday. We had every condition from no wind, good wind to OMG STAY ON THE BOAT!!! Saturday being the highlight for me, with 6' waves and 20+knots of breeze! Those downwind sled rides were incredible! A true reminder of how fun this little yacht is.

Hans Fogh Memorial J/80 Lake Ontario Open
9 J/80s - seven races & close results with only 6 points spread between 2nd and 6th

1 Nautical Symphony


Not only was this a great LYRA regatta but an awesome opportunity to demonstrate what a great fleet we've created. I was taken aside by SBYC’s Commodore, Bob Carey, and given an incredible compliment directed at the entire fleet. He shared that it didn’t get overlooked by the club and the other regatta participants just how great you all are, coming together to help each other out, to party and to compete.

The LYRA Championship Award that Nautical Symphony was presented goes to you all. Congratulations. Speaking about Nautical Symphony, WOW… a two peat! Second year in a row wining the Hans Fogh Memorial Open. A fantastic accomplishment amongst a fleet of 9 very competitive sailors, with seven races and only 6 points spread between 2nd and 6th. Congratulations to owners Bart Smit & Pascal Desrosiers, crew Gitte Frederiksen and driver/tactician David Holmes for showing us how its done.

The Hans Fogh Memorial Lake Ontario J/80 Open is being held again next year in conjunction with LYRA on July 29-31 at Whitby Yacht Club.

I look forward to seeing everyone there in the lead up to the North Americans. I'm sure we'll be taking the LYRA One-Design Fleet flag home again with more than 9 boats attending next year for sure!

Sail Fast!
Lawrence Alexander
J/80 Fleet 20 Captain

| 20 January 2016 | 

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