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2016 New England Jamboree Wrap-up
This year’s J-Jamboree was held on Lake Winnipesauke from September 23rd - 25th. The event once again delivered great racing and memories for all participants. Nine teams from Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire participated. On Friday teams registered and attended a great welcoming party at the Lake Winnipesaukee Sailing Association Sailing Center. Racers enjoyed J-Jamboree chili, enjoyed a few beverages and bantered about racing. Racing began on Saturday morning. The day brought New England fall weather. Participants enjoyed sunny weather with temperatures in the 60s. The wind quickly filled in to 12 – 18 knots with gusts around 20 knots. The Race Committee fired off 6 races. With great planning conditions boats rocked up and down the race course. At the end of Saturday, FKA (Les Beckwith) and More Gostosa (Conor Hayes) were tied for first place with 14 points. Argo III (Jason Blais/Casey Nickerson) close behind with 19 points. Saturday evening the J-Jamboree party was held at the Lake Winnipesauke Yacht Club. Participants enjoyed the Texas Traveling Barbeque with lots of food and drinks on hand and smiles on every face. The morning dawned cool and blustery with winds 15 - 20 knots with gusts over 25 knots. The RC fired off 4 more races. Strong winds made for exciting and challenging conditions for all the racers. In the end, the Saturday standings remained. With a great day on the water and in exciting conditions Les Beckwith’s boat FKA brought home 1st place. Close behind was Conor Hayes’ More Gostosa in 2nd with Jason Balis & Casey Nickerson in Argo III rounding out the top three places. The awards ceremony was held in the yard at Fay’s Boat Yard. All the teams received awards, including bags from Quantum Sails and bottles of rum!

Big “Thank you” to the following: all the teams, particularly those who traveled, all the volunteers (we could not do this without you), Lake Winnipesauke Sailing Association, Lake Winnipesauke Yacht Club, Fay’s Boat Yard, White Mountain Fiberglass, Quantum Sails and the North American J80 class. Complete results are posted soon the J-Jamboree website Also, check out the video on the North American J80 Class Facebook page. See you all next year!!! Cheers, Jeff Rabinowitz, J80 Fleet 1 Captian.

| 05 October 2016 | 

Severna Park's White broadens title horizon
John White added to his long list of impressive victories last week when he captured the J/80 North American Championship, hosted by National Yacht Club in Toronto. Competition was held on the Humber Bay area of Lake Ontario from Aug. 5-7.

| 15 August 2016 | click here for full editorial

Class act people, great competitors and fabulous sailors!
Congratulations to John White and the crew of 1162 from Annapolis. Finishing with 27 points after 12 races they won this year's title of North American Champions here in Toronto! … Safe travels home everyone!

| 08 August 2016 | Full results here..

2016 J/80 North Americans - 5 weeks to go!
The 2016 J/80 NA's are now only 5 weeks away and we're looking forward to seeing you there!

The Organizing Committee have been hard at work booking bands, planning meals and of course, lining up a top notch Race Committee to ensure we pack as many races into the 3 days as possible! In true J/80 Fleet 20 style, it's going to be one of the friendliest and fun regattas you'll ever attend with great racing too!

There's already 20 boats registered including 6 from the US and at least another 5-10 competitors expected. If you've registered but not yet paid, be sure to do that before the late fee kicks in on July 17th.

When registering, we hope many of you will also join us for the tune-up clinic being hosted by our friends at North Sails One Design on Thursday August 4.

If you're looking to make the most of your on water time in Toronto, consider joining us for 3 days of course racing at LYRA the weekend before the North Americans (July 29-31). LYRA is being held in Whitby which is just a 20 minute drive from National YC or compete in the free feeder race, The Founder's Cup, on Tuesday July 26th. Find out more about LYRA here -

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
J/80 Fleet 20 - NAs Organizing Committee

| 02 July 2016 | Registration

How to Cross the US / Canadian Border with a Boat
Heading to the 2016 J/80 North Americans in Toronto? Preparation is the key to crossing the border with a boat!

My wife, Lisa, and I have been racing our J/80 Eagles Wings since 2002, but have always been a little intimidated by traveling to regattas. We finally decided that the 2012 LYRA at Ashbridges Yacht Club (just outside of Toronto) would be our first out-of-town (Rochester, NY) regatta. The north side of the lake J/80s (Fleet #20) were growing and we knew it would be great to race against a bunch of new -to-us boats. The welcoming crew at AYC was a great way to begin to ease our stress. They knew when we were to arrive, how to use the equipment, where to dock the boat and in general available to help.

Besides packing up and making sure we hadn’t forgotten anything, my biggest “fear” was how was the border crossing going to go? As it turned out, the border crossing was a non-event and despite the lack of wind, the regatta was a blast – we got to make a bunch of new J/80 friends and had a great time.

Just like racing, the key to success with crossing the border into Canada and (don’t forget) back into the United States is preparation. The definitive sources of information are the Canada Border Services Agency ( and US Customs and Border Protection ( We’ll cover the high level items here, but if you have any questions you should contact either or both of the above agencies well before attempting to travel into Canada. For the sake of this discussion, we’re assuming that you are US citizens and will be trailering a boat across one of the US/Canadian border crossings to Toronto for the J/80 North Americans.
Both governments have two main areas of interest when you are traveling across the border: the vehicle-trailer-boat and the people.

Both governments are concerned that all vehicles are properly registered and carry current inspections. The ideal situation would be if all three (vehicle, trailer, boat) are registered to the same name and that person is you or is with you. Otherwise, there must be clear documentation that you have permission to be transporting the vehicle/trailer/boat, including the owners contact information. The other concern is that you are not buying or selling – and therefore should be paying some tax. When asked, simply state that you are traveling to a regatta in Toronto and will be returning to the US in a few days.

The documentation required for the people crossing the border is different between the US and Canada. In order to return to the US, you must have a valid passport, NEXUS, or enhanced driver’s license. You can enter Canada with a birth certificate, but that will not be sufficient to allow you back into the US. If you are traveling with a minor whose parents are not present, you will also need an original Birth Certificate and a signed consent letter from the parents. Canada may also not allow individuals with a felony conviction or DUI entrance to Canada. See the websites above if there are any concerns about the admissibility of anyone in your group.

The websites also document items that are prohibited going to Canada and back into the US:

Certain food and vegetables

If you are leaving your boat in Canada for any reason, you will need form E29Bfor temporary Importation. For example if you are racing the LYRA regatta in Whitby Canada the week before and you wish to go back to the US in-between the regatta's.

In our case, for the 2012 regatta, both border crossings went very smoothly. We crossed into Canada at Lewiston, NY on a Wednesday in the early afternoon and only spent 5 minutes with the Canada Border officer. I had all the vehicle documentation ready, but all he needed were our passports. A simple conversation about where we were going and when we expected to return and then we were on our way. Sunday night after the regatta, we did encounter a delay due the amount of traffic returning to the US (maybe an hour), but the interaction with the Border officer was also very straightforward and professional.

| 21 April 2016 | J80.CA

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