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Postby Guest » Mon Feb 12, 2001 11:26 pm

J80 owners-

A friend with a used J80 asked me to copy the running rigging specifications from my inventory list. Thought I would post it here as well as it may aid some of you that are replacing some of your lines:

Main Halyard 5/16 Samson Ultratech-Blue 72'
Jib Halyard 5/16 Samson Ultratech-Red 60'
Spin Hlyd 5/16 XLS Extra Sol-Blue 77'
Traveller Control 1/4" Samson XLS-Black 19'
Main Sheet 3/8 Samson XLS-Green 55'
Spin Sheet 3/8" XLS Extra-Blue 110'
Jib Sheet 7/16 XLS-Red 55'
Tack Line 5/16 XLS-Blue fleck 48'
Vang Line 3/8 XLS-Black 15'
Backstay Ctrl 1/4" XLS solid blue 50'
Spinnaker Control 3/8 LS White 19'

This is the inventory as delivered on a new boat. I'd be interested in comments from other owners about replacement lines chosen. I for one would like lighter non stretch non absorbing spin sheets, and a larger diameter traveller line. Any thoughts on spin sheet line? configuration? (one continuous line? or one with a "tail" spliced into the middle for better jibes, easier sail changes?)

Hope this helps!

Scott Spurlin

NOTE: There are minimum dimensions specified in the class rules.

Postby Guest » Tue Feb 13, 2001 10:17 am

I replaced my spin sheets with 110' of 5/16" Samson Ultra Light (does not absorb water). I use a continuous line with a 2' piece of 1/4" spectra spliced into the middle. This makes for smoother gybes as there is less tendency for the clew to hang up on the forestay.

Postby Guest » Tue Feb 13, 2001 1:22 pm

Any suggestions as to Jib Sheets? My wife likes the neon colors of the OME pink one, but it became damaged.

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 14, 2001 8:42 pm

On their website, Layline suggests the following running rigging options: (bear in mind they only recommend what they sell)

Main Halyard: 72ft 1/4in Crystalyne or a 3/16 to 5/16 tapered halyard of Vectrus 12 (they say the tapered one is lighter but the other one is more durable)

Jib Halyard: 60ft 1/4in Ultra tech or 3/16in Technora tapered halyard with a 5/16in tail

Spin Halyard: 77ft 1/4in WarpSpeed or a Spectron 12 tapered halyard

Tack Line: 46ft 1/4in Spect Set II

Spin Sheets 53ft each 3/16 Spectron 12 tapered into a 5/16 tail attached to a pigtail on the clew.

I can't say anything about these recommendations from personal experience since my boat is still OME but I thought it could serve as a starting point for discussion

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 14, 2001 9:47 pm

I suspect some of the lines recommended by Layline may only be legal for PHRF (may not meet class rules).

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 14, 2001 11:25 pm

Point taken. The exceptions I see (if I haven't blown my metric conversions):
The use of 1/4in or 3/16in lines for a main halyard where the class rules call for a minimum of 8mm
The use of 1/4in line for the tack where class rules call for 8mm
the use of 3/16in lines for jib halyards where class rules call for 6mm.
But I think the rest are class legal

Postby Guest » Thu Feb 15, 2001 9:49 am

1/4 inch line is awfully hard on the hands, even if it were legal!

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 19, 2001 8:00 pm

Lines like everthing in sailing is a compromise. The class rules are a good start for minimum dimensions, the rest is really a trade of betweeen budget, comfort, speed and last but not least skill. I use the the standard lines as a starting point and then I customise to the requirement of the USER. My wife does the main, so she wants a big chunky main, to be happy, my spin trimmer is a speed mergant, he wants the thinghest lightest line which is class legal, no matter how hard it is on his hands. He is happy.
If you sail with regular crew have a look how they go, ask them what the would like to change and take the skill level into account. you want you trimmer to be happy with their sheets so the can give their best and accommodation some of their wishes makes them work harder for you.
So I think there are many issues to be consider for the "best" running rigging.

Postby Guest » Mon Dec 17, 2001 11:17 pm

Due to an unfortunate error I had to cut the roller furler line. The Class Rules appear to be silent on this spec. Any body have any ideas on what is acceptable?
Nigel Beale

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