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Postby Guest » Sat Mar 31, 2001 2:10 pm

I was planning on a couple light cases/baskets in the space behind the companionway steps to store odds and ends and the OB. But in reading this forum I get the impression I should expect to find water almost anywhere below while underway. If so, I guess I'll need to use "dry bags" or build a light grid off the floor back there to keep things dry. As I recall, one post even said the little compartments under the berths won't stay dry either?

Postby Guest » Sun Apr 01, 2001 12:18 pm

Although I am not a great sailor, I am very good at arranging storage. I rigged two net hammocks on the sides of the cabin which keep things dry and secure.I store my gps, binocs,tape,tools and wallet in them. I placed two medium size rectangular plastic storage bins just behing the post under the cockpit. Their size is such that they just fit the width. I put a small hole in the front end of each and ran a bungie cord from one to the other in front of the post to keep them from migrating sternward. Everything has stayed dry.I keep the anchor, fenders and life vests in them along with other stuff I rarely use.
Forget the compartment under the quarter berths. I put small plastic storage containers in there but they filled with water. Even with the bins,there is still room between the post and the steps to put gas can and cooler. Don't know about the motor, but with the bins attached with bungie, they should be able to stretch to accomodate the motor.
If I were using the boat for cruising I would rig two more nets in the forward part of the cabin and put small net pockets on either side of the bulkheads.

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 02, 2001 9:02 pm

I fabricated light wood boxes to fit in the access holes in the side berths. It's fairly dry storage and I use it for various things like spare winch handle, first aid kit, horn, bilge pump, box of spare screws and pins, Misc. small pieces of line. They do stay pretty dry but the point is that its great down low center storage in a place that is useless for anything else.

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