Spreader end plates: IMPORTANT!

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Postby Guest » Mon Apr 23, 2001 8:40 pm

J80 owners:

I have traveled to three circuit stops and each time I have removed my shrouds. When I re-install the shrouds with the spreader end plate retainers I snug the screws so that the shrouds can move when adjusted, etc. This is all per Hall instructions.

However this past weekend when lowering the mast on Sunday we discovered that one of the plates was missing on the lower shroud. It was blowing pretty hard and the rig had a real workout and therefore it must've vibrated off or possibly was popped off. I was lucky I could've lost the rig as a result of losing the retainer plate. Fortunately the shrouds stayed on the spreader.

When I called Hall to order the replacement their advice was to use blue loctite each time the screws are re-installed. I think I will also tape over them!

ON ANOTHER NOTE: The reason I take my shrouds off is that they can chafe, scratch, and mark if they are left on and not stowed correctly. What I plan to do is to make a bar that will have a male part that will fit inside the butt of the mast and hold the bar horizontally. It will be less width then the lower spreader. Then I will have bungee cord, 2 lengths on each side that will have hooks that will reach to the shroud turnbuckles and hold the shrouds in tension so that they cannot flop or rub against anything. I saw a J105 that was being delivered this way and I thought it was brilliant, the shrouds were not touching anything! I'll still remove the lowers as they are easy to remove and re-install.

This really won't cause that much more windage and I'll gladly spend a couple extra bucks on gas to get the rig up and down faster at the regatta's.

Postby Guest » Tue Apr 24, 2001 5:59 am

Tape them up, all our boat here are doing it, it is also better for the spinnaker. I believe you can acually buy made up covers for the ends.
I see them on EVERY MAST here.



Postby Guest » Tue Apr 24, 2001 11:26 pm

The board Scott saw was made in our shop for a few J105 owners. One note to follow if you should make one up: make the butt insert at least 6 inches deep so that the board will stay in place on it's own while you set the tie-up lines. Otherwise it is a colossal PITA. Also, don't just screw the but assy together, epoxy it.

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