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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2001 1:34 pm
by Guest
I had the mast stepped today by the marine services people at my yacht club. I was tuning up the rig later when I noticed one of the riggers had loosened the turnbuckle at the base of the forestay quite a bit. I went to tighten the turnbuckle and discovered the rigger had inserted cotter pins into each of the two holes drilled in ends of the two threaded parts of the turnbuckle.

I assume he did this to prevent the turnbuckle from loosening while under sail.

The factory manual suggests running a short piece of messenger line through the shroud turnbuckles to prevent them from loosening. Would the same thing work on the forestay turnbuckle? I would rather not use cotter pins if possible.

Is it necessary to worry about the forestay turnbuckle loosening itself under sail? I assume it is because it likely experiences similar forces to the shroud turnbuckles.