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Postby Guest » Thu Jul 15, 2004 2:19 pm

What do J/80 do for Whisker Poles? We have some fun PHRF events on the lake that I have to keep the spinnaker in the bag. I did one last week and borrowed a E-Scow pole and tied a line around the mast to hold out my 155 genoa. I am looking for a better solution. What type of bail do people put on their mast? Where do they locate them. What are diameter and length of poles uses (fixed length or adjustable) etc

Postby Guest » Fri Jul 16, 2004 10:31 pm


Contact JWorld, they rig their boats for sym and assym sailing. they would be able to give you a height. It may take some playing around with for you to have it in the right spot.

One suggestion I would make that you may hvae already thought of. If you are racing only with the genoa and not furling it at these events you could use the spin halayard as the primary halyard for the jib and then use the jib halyard as a topping lift.

I am not sure what the classes rules would be on the installation of "cruising" gear while racing in a one design configuration. Ronstan and Forespar sell a variety of rings that are riveted into the mast. Very easy to install. The Ronstan are easier to mold to any rig. You could rig an external block system onto the mast in lieu of cutting a hole to feed a true topping lift through. I tried this once on a Soverel 33 and one of the screws chaffed a couple of halyards, use the short self tappers.

Hope this helps a little.


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