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Postby Guest » Thu Sep 05, 2002 8:44 pm

There has been much discussion about open verses closed class rules and I know the J-80 class is closed. From the posts in this forum, it seems that it's 50 - 50 as to what the class members want. If a majority of NCA members wanted open class rules (which is what I would want), what steps have to be taken to pursue this?
Why am I asking this question? Well I've been thinking of fairing the bottom of my boat and checked the class rules to see if it's allowed. The only mention of fairing (that I found) is "C.5.2 USE (C) Fairing around through-hull fittings is permitted." No mention of hull, keel or rudder.
Section D - Hull, Deck and Structure does cover some of this area (D.1.2, 3, 4), but they do not state fairing is allowed. As I understand this section, a fair bottom within J-80 specs is acceptable, but to alter a bottom to achieve this fair condition is not. What the factory gives is what you get, and if your boat fails an inspection, it is up to the boat builder to correct.
So I'm not sure if I can fair my boat's bottom and still comply with the rules. An open class rule structure would eliminate some of this confusion, and my guess is that the good sailors will still win out over gimmacks.
Comments welcome.....Rory Wagner USA 262

Postby Guest » Thu Sep 05, 2002 9:37 pm

Many boats have been fared by Waterline direct from the factory or by owners. The class rules do call for a minimum trailing edge width on the keel and rudder.
Check with your fleet or local measurer.

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