2006 Rules Change Proposal

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Postby Guest » Mon Jul 04, 2005 11:08 pm

To the Class Officers
I just read the new proposed 2006 rules changes proposed for next year. I only object to Submission #2 from the Technical Committee. The change will prohibit my Harken 32.2A cabin top secondary winches. I did not install these winches...it was done by the previous owner. They are probably overkill for the little that I use them; however, I will be upset if I have to remove them and replace them with two smaller Harkin 16.2A winches with a different set of holes costing $414 each!!!. I have submitted my boat for measurement at the past NAs and Worlds and no one mentioned a word about this.

The current rules are quite clear in allowing winches sized up to Harkin 32.2A at all the locations. The submission implies that this was not the intent of the (builder??) specifications, but this is what was published. If the class wants to change the rule, fine...but I want hull #405 to be grandfathered as is.
Terry Burke
TopNotch USA405

Postby Guest » Tue Jul 05, 2005 8:20 am

Hard to argue with Terry on this. Certainly doubt this gives any advantage, or others would be doing it. Just adds weight and obstacles...

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