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Postby Guest » Wed Apr 19, 2006 8:27 pm

I am very excited to be a new owner. Bought a 2000 J/80 set up for PHRF. I sail in Eastern Lake Ontario/St. Lawrence river. Have read tuning guides, hints etc and will be popping back in here for advice.

I spent my youth in dinghys and have been working the foredeck/pit of a 37 footer. Old skipper tried to talk me out of it and thought I shoud buy a shark. No thanks.

I've got a couple of experienced sailors and a newbie who want to sail with me so I should have lots of help. Nobody here has ever sailed an asymmetric but two of us are pretty experienced chute jockeys.

We have a fair bit of current here so upwind speed is the key. Suggestions to rigging and sailing for optimal performance on the wind?

this is gonna be fun


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