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PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2006 10:36 pm
by derek_jackson
We had our 3rd race of the season last night. Finally got a win. First leg was to weather with 14-16 knots true right on the nose with 6 foot waves, but after the first mark we were able to carry a kite downwind for the second leg, and then on a reach for the 3rd and 4th legs. The last 2 legs we could barely handle the kite we we sailing so high but it was fun. We found it tough to stay committed to playing the angles on the run while watching the other boats pull the poles back and run straight to the mark, but we actually made gains and passed some boats. The nice thing about it is that we had clean air all the way down the run, and we didn't have to pick our way through the rest of the fleet that was still going upwind. We just stayed above their layline and that seemed to be the perfect angle.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2006 4:09 pm
by jackal
Congratulations. It's a real buzz when things go right!!!