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Postby Guest » Wed Jul 20, 2005 12:46 pm

After spending 3 days weighing boats at the worlds and seeing every imaginable type of lifting strap; I wanted to reiterate the absolute importance of following a few basic principals about lifting your J/80:

1) Always check to see that the keel nuts on the lifting bar are properly secured.

2) Always use a large shackle to connect your strap to the stainless lifting bar. DO NOT directly attach or wrap a web strap around the lifting bar. 3,300 pounds is enough pressure to point load the stitching on a strap whether the edges of the bar are radiused or not.

3) Do not leave your strap in a wet bilge.

4) Replace the lifting strap, especially web straps, on an annual basis or whenever you see initial signs of thread wear. $50 is small price to pay for the security of your boat.

5) Do not allow crewmembers onboard while lifting your boat.

Thanks for passing this on to other J/80 sailors as well.

[Posted by: Jeff Johnstone

Postby Guest » Mon Sep 26, 2005 8:17 pm

I was one of the guilty parties that placing my web strap directly around the SS lifting bar without using a shackle. Shortly after reading this post and after inspecting my web strap with moderate wear at the points is contacted my lifting bar, I called Hall Rigging and ordered a new web strap and shackle.

I was told to place the pin end of the shackle down and the "U" it turns out is the only way it works. After only 4 hoist in/outs I decided to carefully inspect my strap. To my shock, I discovered major tearing across the outside of the web strap as it passed through the "U" of the shackle. It was not obvious with casual inspection because the strap bunched/winkled at the narrow shackle hiding the fraying. There was no way I would lift the boat again with this almost new strap. Two week later, a J/24 boat owner developed the exact same condition as I had with a strap less the year old also bought through Hall.

returned my strap to Hall. Hall sent it back to the manufaturer Lift-All ( Lift-All disallowed the claim because they stated the strap was not designed to work around "U" portion of the shackle. The shackle will not work the work the other way around either because it is too narrow. Hall clearly knowlegable about the situation. They are looking into gettin a shackle with a shallower curve that might be able to get around the lifting bar allowing the pin end to face up.

I have a different solution. I worked with a local machine shop to make a 6" long half rounded 1 1/2" diameter nylon rod for me. I have glue it to the bottom of my lifting bar and bore 7/8" holes matching the holes in the lifting bar. I will again place my brand new strap around this setup without a shackle. I have attached photos of the modification for those it may interest.

Please don't take this this lightly. Dropping a J/80 or J/24 maybe the last you or your crew do. I am considering placing a backup line of 1/2" nylon as a safety backup to the lifting strap.
<img src="" alt="Modified Lifting Bar">
Terry Burke
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[Posted by: Tery Burke

Postby Guest » Thu Dec 01, 2005 1:18 pm

Here at Hall Spars & Rigging we have had a couple of lifting straps come back with broken strands at the outside end of the loop. Otherwise, they were in good condition. In an abundance of caution I offer the following advice to anyone using a lifting strap and shackle purchased from Hall:
The top of the shackle (side opposite pin) has a fairly tight radius. If the strap bears on this surface it will bunch and this will cause uneven loading of the fibers. To avoid possible damage to the strap, use the shackle with the pin side up so that the strap bears on the pin.
Of course the other end of the strap is on the hook of the hoist and this should (and usually does) have a gentle curve to it.
Lastly, the straps require frequent inspection to check for damage and should not be stored in a wet bilge.

[Posted by: John McCabe

Postby Guest » Thu Dec 01, 2005 10:00 pm

Good advise on not using the tight radius curved part of the shackle for placing one's lifting strap. The only problem is the shackle sold by Hall will not fit around my French built lifting bar with 'U' down!

[Posted by: Terry Burke

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