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Postby evon » Sat Jul 07, 2007 9:38 am

I'm considering purchasing hull #1 and recently took a look at her and she seems in pretty good shape , I'm just concerned about some fine spider like cracks throughout the boat and some black marks in the stern down below. Does anyone think these things are a sign of concern ? Any other warning problems I should be aware of ?
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Postby Guest » Sat Jul 07, 2007 2:22 pm

The boats are built strong...( over built but last) I own #44. Areas I would look for are around chains plate where they come thought the deck..deck can get wet in this area. Bulkheads glass in well ..cracks near the end where it ties in to deck. Back bulkhead is wood and can get wet (lack of maintance). Stern where the rudder bolts are can get wet. Problem cracks where the keel ties in as well as the keel hub in the sump. Small fine spider cracks are not structural issues just cosmetic. I'm sure if well taken care of hull#1 has alot more life in her!! Happy sailing

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