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Postby lawkozak » Fri May 18, 2012 11:57 am

HI guys,

I have been tuning the rig on my J80. Ive set the uppers to 800 pounds, Mids to 300 pounds and lowers to 600 pounds. Rake is at 37' 5.5" when measuring to the transom from the black band. I still need to adjust my backstay as it's way to loose. There seems to be a ton of prebend in the mast. I took some pictures with the main up and were my mast step is set.
Do i have the rubber shim in the partners properly?
When the back stay is adjusted so the adjuster sits about 12 inches from the top how much sag should there be in the forstay?

Im pretty new to this thing and i'd appreciate any suggestions.

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Postby aburton » Fri May 18, 2012 12:36 pm

That bend looks OK to me. I have Dyneema rope tails on my backstay legs; when the wind is stronger I'll cinch them down a bit. in light airs I'll have them pretty loose. My impression is that your headstay sag will have as much do with the tension on your rig as on your backstay; the Quantum website has some excellent info on rig tune. I've become used to going by the numbers on the tuning guides rather than pounds.
I'm still new at this and I have found Kerry Klingler at Quantum Annapolis to be very knowledgeable and helpful...even though I'm not (currently) using their sails.
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