Proposed rule changes for 2006

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Postby Guest » Wed Jul 27, 2005 4:43 pm

Jon, you're right, #7 is slightly unclear but most likely means during a race as opposed to in between races. Regardless, why prevent the activity just because we do not observe any one currently engaging in the activity?

Postby Guest » Wed Jul 27, 2005 6:01 pm

#1 Against because it is unclear what "a standard furling system" is. There needs to be an official reference someplace. If not providedand kept up by the collective builders and/or Jboats, then it should be written into the rules or optional.

#3 Against because it contains an unrealistic upper limit.

#5 Against. This change makes it impossible for a port boat to judge in advance if she can make a rounding. The bail-out if the starboard boat extends her pole can be dangerous. The current rule works well.

#7 Against. I've only done this once or twice when a strong breeze dies during a race. It gives me something to do while I'm drifting around.

#9 against. The way I read this, its not a redundant rule. The rule allows "modification" of the traveler control system, as long as the result "allows cleating on the side tanks". I don't see where it only allowed it on older boats or only allowed replication of the production system - the net effect of deleting this rule. Some people have added extra harken H096 blocks below the cleats and removed the wire on top of the cleat so that the traveler can be more easily pulled to weather while roll tacking. I don't know if there are any production boats with this setup, but it should not be made illegal now.

#14 against. This rule is how we insure that everyone uses the same sails throughout a regatta. The argument that rolling is not good for the sail is weak on a boat that comes standard with a furler. The argument that new kevlar sails will need to be kept out of the sun leads me to wonder what people do about UV now?

#15 against. Same old arguments.

Postby Guest » Sun Aug 14, 2005 7:44 pm

An update as to what the Class thinks of the 2006 Rules change proposal poll results. Change #3 Engine max/min weight, remove horsepower requirement; Members are 2:1 against this change. Change #5 Change in when bowsprit may be extended; Members are evenly split on this change. All of the other proposed changes are generally supported by the Class. The Board will direct our NCA representative to bring these results to the ExCom meeting.

Postby Guest » Wed Aug 24, 2005 8:19 am

For the record the results of the informal poll are as follows:

# Proposal FOR AGAINST
1 Furler Specification 33 7
2 Winch specification 34 6
3 Engine max/min weight, remove horsepower requirement 13 27
4 Advertising rule cleanup 36 4
5 Change in when bowsprit may be extended 20 20
6 Standing rigging (headstay) specification 37 3
7 Disallow changing standing rigging settings while racing 26 14
8 Lifeline tension specification 39 1
9 Remove rule D.4.1(a)(iv) 37 3
10 Change in identification of cloth weight on sails 38 1
11 Allow new materials for jib 39 1
12 Better specification of jib battens 40 0
13 Jib batten length increase and rule cleanup 35 5
14 Delete rule C.6.1(e) re: jib hosting/furling 27 13
15 Regatta Guidelines to allow use of backup spinnaker in heavy winds 33 6


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