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PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2001 7:36 am
by Guest
Dear Bob,
Pointing comes from boatspeed. Full Stop. Do not look at who high the others are pointing. Establish you TARGET BOAT SPEED by sailing as much as 10 o lower. Yes shocking, but witout boatspeed you can not point.
Once you build boad speed with bearing away as much as 10o now you start to point higher SLOWLY.
The minute you boatspeed drops, BACH OFF IMMEDIAENTLEY, bear away till you reach target boat speed and SLOWLY head up again. As you start to head up about 2 or 3 o and maintaining boatspeed, gently put on the sheets of you main and jib on a LITTE BIT. Remember as long as you maintain boatspeed you will start to point higher and higher and higher, till you outpoint the whole lot.
Important, this may take you quite a while, YOU MUST GO LOWER (even if it looks shocking and you crew tells you every two seconds that they all point higher), ignore the crew. Remember BOATSPEED FIRST, BEAR AWAY. ONCE YOU HAVE BOAT SPEED START SLOWLY TO POINT HIGHER, always watching you boatspeed, the minute it trops, resist the temptation to continue pointing.
Back off, build boatspeed, and once you have reached target speed you will be amazed who high the J/80 can point.
I would not worry about more rack unless you want more feel in the helm.


PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2001 6:41 am
by Guest
Dear Bob,
Regarding chute, judging from you boat number you most like have a AP spinnaker, build by one of the experienced lofts (hopefully North or somebody else who knows the J/80 well). If this is the case you probably do not need to change unless you sail constantly in heavy air and the kite it too intimitating to fly.
A-cute need to be worked quite different form the standard kites, downwind is no longer set the kite, get the coffee and the cake and wait till we at the mark.
Downwind sailing a-kites is the fun part of the race, you CONTANTLY WORK THE KITE, THE MAIN, THE HELM. Hotting up, bearing away, go for broke.....
I do not know what you sailed before, as far as the kite goes, get advise from dinghy sailors not trational keel boat, they are so different. A trational Keel boat kite looks set nice, but for a a-kite this trimm would be hopeless oversheeted. Nothing kill boat speed more than a oversheeted kite. When trimming you move between curling and colapsing, not curling and flying. Big difference.

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