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Postby Guest » Tue Oct 02, 2001 10:48 pm

Still having trouble here launching the chute. Always seem to tangle up sheets somewhere.Jib sheets seem to get in the way also. Can anyone please give me a step by step procedure on setting up the sheets prior to launching? I would so appreciate it !!!

Postby Guest » Wed Oct 03, 2001 9:02 am

I have a go at it...
First read the instrcutions in the manual so you understand the concept.
1. I insist that the jib is fully set up, sheets, ect. till I let the spin man set up his work.
Never let them set up the jib and kite at the same time..tangle guaranteed.
2. Whatever you do with the kite, REMEMBER EVERTHING HAS TO BE OUTSIDE WHAT YOU HAVE ON THE BOAT. Image you boat is fully set up for Jib and Main. Now imagine you would approach you boat with a helicopter and you would rap around the sheets from OUTSIDE around the boat.
3. Make up you mind which site of the boat you want to launch you kite. Port or Starboard.
4. Let say you deside on a Port lauch (set). Here is what you do.
Imagine you hang out of you Helicopter, grap the tack line and rap it around (outside) and bring it back to sesond stantions (always outside) and temporarily secure at the stantions. You will bring both sheets, and the halyard to this point.
Detail sheet (short.)
Take one sheet, put stopper knot in the end and feed the end without knot trough the rachet, back to turning block and hand to man in Helicopter and feed it back (outside the lifelines) where the tackline is temporary secured.Port side Knot it off bing the short sheet is done. Tide up the unused sheet in tail bag.
Detail sheet (long)
Take other sheet, stopper knot in the end, take the other end feed it through rachet on starboard side feed it back to turning block (for set up of rachet and turning block see manual, I marked my rachets port and starboard so they alwasy work)
after the turning block hand to Helicopter man and go around the whole boat(pass the forestay) and outside everthing back to the temporary station on port where all the other stuff is waiting.
Halyard: Talk halyard fitting in you hand and pass to Helicopter man, and move away from boat, look up to masthead and move halyard to temporary station on port site. Depending on which side you halyard was secured before you started, you may have to move the Halyard OUTSIDE THE FORESTAY BACK TO THE OTHER SIDE. Think Helicopter man....
Outside everthing......

Now you have all you need at a one spot for a Port lauch.
All you need to do is put the spin in a bag (if you do not use one put spin in companionway.
Make sure you spin has clearly marked the corners with clew, tack , head.
Start connection sheets to clew, halyard to head and tack line to tack.


You have succesfully set up the kite and I guartee you will not tangle ONE LINE.

Tips for easy set:

When packing kite make sure that 5m of the tack is coming out first. Put in in last

Feed tack out first,

Bear away shelter the kite with the main (wind shadow) and hoist with no load on kite. 160-170 0

Make sure the halyard is hoisted completely, before heading up sharply. Tell the trimmer to call SET lound and clear when the halyard is 100% up.
Headu up (too much) and fill kite, once kite is pulling ease and bear away.

One more Point: Make sure the mainsheet trimmer keeps the main of the spreaders when hoisting the kite...IMPORTANT

I hope this makes any sense.

Just remember, rig the boat up completely before you take one spin, sheet ect out of the bag.

Rap everthing around from the outside. (Think Helicopter)

Bring all sheets, halyard, tackline to one point next to the companionway.

One sheet will go the short way, one will go the long way, (around the forestay)


Ingrave the rachet blocks with port and starboard.

If you have any more problems let me know.

Cafe Latte
Down Under

Postby Guest » Wed Oct 03, 2001 2:38 pm

Thank you Bob Von Felton,and G'day mate!!!!

Postby Guest » Thu Oct 04, 2001 8:35 am

No worries....
Go and try it out , if it works, let me know and I will add it to my crew manual (of course after I used the spellchecker..)so next time I train a new spin man I just give him the manual....

One other thing. Remove any devises you have for cleating the sheet....The sheet needs to be worked all the time and feedback on pressure in the sheet will help you to steer the boat. If you trimmer wants to use cleats, find him another job and a more willing trimmer....No ifs and buts (except if it is family...)

Have fun and enjoy this great boat.



Postby Guest » Sun Oct 07, 2001 4:39 pm

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