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Postby Guest » Fri Feb 22, 2002 1:21 pm

A general comment with respect to nominations and individuals who plan on running for any of the J/80 Class Officer positions. Having actively participated in J/80 regattas for a number of years, I believe that it is of paramount importance that the officers that are elected to serve the J/80 Class Association have a documented history of participating in not only local events, but have demonstrated an interest and willingness to travel and support the J/80 Class at other venues.

In order for officers to be effective representatives of the class, officers need to have a finger on the pulse of class. You can't command the troops from a bunker and know what is really going on. "Intelligence" is great, however, first hand (local)knowledge is second to none. Years ago, I remember watching the evening news and seeing the the current president visiting a local supermarket and being totally amazed at how groceries were being scanned. He had never seen this and for me it spoke volumes.
That being said, I belive that Class Officers need to have first hand knowledge of things that have a direct impact on class members. Local fleet development and travel regattas are equally important. The local fleet is the foundation of the J/80 Class. Thats our base of operations and the Southern Circuit is a great example of this. However, the J/80 is also a boat that is meant to travel. It is sold, as a package, with a trailer. It needs no permits, and likes to go to new places and meet new people. This aspect of the J/80 keeps life interesting. It also helps us improve as sailors. By traveling, we are able to race in different venues and against different competitors. You can't help but pick something up along the way. Its also a great advertisement for the J/80 and many a "travelling regatta" has led to local J/80 purchases. These purchases, over the years, then become fleets.

In short, I belive that J/80 Class Officers need to have the "broader" perspective in order to adequately represent the class.

Postby Guest » Fri Feb 22, 2002 2:17 pm

Martin makes some interesting and valid observations re qualifications for class officer. As someone who, since buying the boat 4 years ago, has actively promoted improving our fleet from 1 to 12 boats, and traveled during that time to all our circuit stops as well as Lakefest, Sperry and Nood several times, I would agree. While I haven't had the pleasure of traveling to the east coast for a J-80 regatta, and would certainly love to (although their shorter season limits options), I also haven't seen any east coast boats, with the exception of Martin in our area. I would respectfully compare my amount of travelling, and the fact that I sail 45 weeks out of the year in J-80 races to anyone. As to promoting the class, I have been instrumental in including a new venue on our circuit where there are currently no J-80s, but they have shown interest and have active racers in other classes who could become members. There are other examples, but I would close with saying that, as my earlier comments on this forum indicated, I am somewhat surprised we are using this forum to do what we are doing, without any mail-outs to those that may not spend much time on a computer. I especially dislike what seems to be an undercurrent of politicizing of a sport and class I enjoy. I don't know that is in the interest of either current members or promoting new ones.

Postby Guest » Fri Feb 22, 2002 4:58 pm

In response to Bernie Nuata's posting, I'd like to say that my previous posting was not directed at anyone in particular, but rather, a general concern and observation

We are at a very important juncture in the development of the J/80 class. We have close to 500 boats amd the 2nd Worlds will be held in France in June. But most importantly, we have a large number of individuals who genuinely care about the class and the boat. There are a variety of issues and concerns that warrant the attention of the class members as well as the J/80 Class Officers. And thus, you have a flurry of postings. At times, this manifests itself in political fashion.

I believe that communication is healthy. I'd much rather have an open environment that encourages communcation as opposed to the disfunctional"perfect family" with the "perfect wife" and the "perfect kids" and everyone is in therapy, and no one has anything bad to say. Everything is just great! The reality is that we are a young class and we have some growing pains. Nothing to be embarrased about. Its where you are headed that counts. The American, French and Russian revolutions were all very different, however, they did have one thing in common - after the revolutions were over, many things remained unchanged, however, a decision had been reached that change was needed and the wheels were now in motion. I am not saying that there is a revolution or revolt in the J/80 Class, but rather, a genuine interest in the class to ensure that we will enjoy our boats for years to come.

Although I agree with Bernie that at times, the undercurrent has been skirting the fringes of being too political, I have faith that the individuals have their hearts in the right place and that as a result, we will ultimately have a better class.

Postby Guest » Fri Feb 22, 2002 6:16 pm

In view of the up coming elections, it probably makes as much sense to focus on what we want to have the new officers accomplish as whom we want as officers. As a past president of the J80 Class, I am well aware of how much goes on behind the scenes to keep the Class moving forward so that the members can get out on the line and race in a strong and growing class. I certainly appreciate all the work that the current officers have put into the success of the J80 Class and would hope that everyone that reads this takes my comments positively.

The first J80 Worlds were a tremendous success and the continued strong showings at events such as Key West clearly demonstrate that the J80 Class is very much alive and well. However, as a new international class a lot needs to be done to formalize and implement the structure put in place more than a year ago so that the needs of the class can be handled as they come up. A few growing pains are normal and to be expected for a group that recently has grown so quickly.

The Class Officers should have clear objectives for the upcoming year and I would suggest the following to be considered for discussion:

J80 USA - National Objectives

1. Get the membership list up-to-date
2. Present annual financial report for 2001
3. Prepare annual budget for 2002
4. Encourage and facilitate the organization of local fleets
5. Develop and implement a plan to improve communications
6. Ratify J80 - USA constitution
7. Announce the location and timing of the National Championships two years in advance

J80 Class Association - International Objectives

1. Encourage France and Sweden to ratify constitutions modeled after the J80 USA constitution
2. Formalize the creation of the J80 Class Executive Committee
3. Formalize the creation of the Technical Committee
4. Appoint the Chief Measurer who will in turn appoint Class Measurers
5. Announce the location and timing of the World Championships two years in advance

J80 Class Organizational Background

The J80 Class was recognized by the ISAF as an international class in 2000 at which time the ISAF approved the J80 Class Association Constitution (10-26-99) and the J80 International Class Rules (5-10-00). I designed the J80 Class so that J80 boat owners would be members of National J80 Class Associations (eg J80 Class USA) with the intention that national, regional and local racing would be organized by the respective national classes. Class dues and royalties would be collected by the national class associations and each would manage its own finances. The international class consists of the national class associations and an Executive Committee which is comprised of the presidents of the national class associations. Each president will have voting rights in proportion to the number of members in his/her respective national class association which gives the president of J80 - USA considerable influence. The Executve Committee in turn appoints a Technical Committee which is run by the Chief Class Measurer and has the responsibility for the control and enforcement of the J80 Class Rules and for the appointment of class measures. By setting up the Technical Committee at the international level, the J80 Class is assured that the class rules will be enforced uniformly worldwide thereby maintaining the integrity of the J80 as an international one-design class.

J80 Class Going Forward

J80 Class USA members and I would guess members in France and Sweden as well are discussing rule changes such as allowable equipment such as 2:1 jib sheeting etc. The need to get class measures appointed and organized is also quite apparent. The only way to accomplish this is to ratify national constitutions which will lead to the creation of the international Executive Committee and the formalization of the Technical Committee and a class measurer organization.

At the J80 USA level, the first order of business is to get the owners list up to date. This will facilitate communications, the organization of local fleets, coordination with Jboats and its dealers to sell more boats and the solicitations of boats to attend regattas. I would like to see the website continue as the primary source of communications for the class with mass emails for special announcements and possibly a class newsletter. The expense of a hardcopy newsletter rules out that approach given the electronic alternatives.

The budgeting process should be formalized to include funds to promote class activities at some of the larger regattas, to cover regional circuit expenses such as trophies and to kick back some of the dues paid by the local fleets to cover local fleet activities.

The class has done a good job of promoting regional and local racing. The Southern Circuit seems to be a great model of organization for regional competition. I like the informal system of individuals stepping up to serve as contacts/organizers/promoters of regional events. Kevin Greene has built up the Marblehead NOOD, Martin Kald has promoted Key West and Geoff Pierini has gotten the J80 its first start at the SORC. I would like to see more support from the class secretary in identifying areas of concentration where owners could be encouraged to form local fleets. Texas started out with one fleet and now there are fleets in Fort Worth and Houston and hopefully one in Austin shortly. Jim Ryan has done a great job organizing and growing our fleet #4 at the east end of Long Island and New Hampshire has done the same. Hopefully, new fleets will get organized in New Jersey and Western Long Island this year as well. My sense is that there about 7 or 8 new fleets that could take form this year.

My sincere appreciation to those of you that are willing to serve as officers of the J80 Class USA. I’m happy to help out to support the 2002 officers to make this year another up-beat one.

See you on the water.

Doug Hannah
Crocodile USA 157

Postby Guest » Fri Feb 22, 2002 6:35 pm

I think that we all will agree that the Texas Fleets have grown. This is great, I for one have been trying to plan a trip to Texas however the Texas Nood regatta falls durring prime sailing conditions in the North East. You guys should try to plan a regatta durring one of our off months. Other classes have enjoyed great regatta attendance by a planned migration. IE: Start off the winter in Key West in January, Sail in St. Pete or Miami in February, Maybee to New Orleans in March and Texas in April for Nationals.

One thing that I would like to see would be the clear formation of districts and the election of district governers. It is obvious that simply due to geography the J 80 National Regatta Schedule will not suite everyone.

The execuative comittee should be able to form fleets and districts based on membership info.

One last thing to consiter, weather it be in Texas or New York keeping most if not all of the execustive comittee within a geographic area is not a bad idea, virtual meetings and conference calls are good, but actual face to face meetings are better.

I also agree with Martin Kald, maybee our revised constitution should include a pre qualification for nomination to the Execuative comittee, or perhaps we should hold the election and nomination at the next worlds.

Regards to all and have a nice weekend

Postby Guest » Fri Feb 22, 2002 9:59 pm

Perhaps we could use a form of Geoff's idea of a board of district governors and have the fleet captains sit on an advisory board that would assist the executive committee. For the time being there seem to be two districts: the Northeast and Texas each of which have their own circuits. When more fleets are formed the idea of district representatives could evolve. In the meantime there would be a mechanism for members to have input through the fleet captains to influence executive committee decisions.

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 23, 2002 11:26 am


Good Stuff.

As this class grows it will become more important to have organized districts, fleets, etc. As with the J-24 and some of the other successful classes it may be neccessary to qualify for World Championship Regattas. ie: District Championships, will produce 1 or several champions able to enter the worlds.

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 23, 2002 3:13 pm

I think racing participation qualifications for office eligibility is limiting. One must be an owner and member. I think the natural selection process will present the best candidates as seen here.

I also agree with open nominations and elections. One member, one vote. Logistics are a challenge, but it is very important to include as many members as possible. Conducting class business during town meetings or holding elections at regattas with limited class participation and no proxy voting and not publishing minutes will risk alienating existing members. I've seen this happen in local clubs.

Class membership is open and management of the class should also be open. Changes to the unofficial class constitution or other changes that effect the entire class should require a majority vote based on total membership not the number of members that participate in a single event.

For example: Fleet Qualifications. This was spoken about at the KWRW town meeting but the details where not put to a vote. They are now posted on the web site. Does this make them class law? Have they been approved by J boats? Do we want to limit fleet growth by requiring 5 active boats when the J105 class is growing like crazy and their requirement is 3? And how do we define active? Are we limiting class growth by limiting fleet growth? Do we really need anymore fleets? Fleets that would have captains that would represent membership in class meetings? I guess it's a mute point because the class "appears" to be run by the executive committee from behind closed doors.

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 25, 2002 11:32 am

I agree that racing participation qualifactions for office eligabilty is limiting. But, rightfully so. Review the postings on the Forum, and you will see that the vast majority of the postings revolve around racing issues. The J/80 Class Association supports the J/80 class as a whole, however, its focus is on racing. Ultimately, everyone benefits from this. The strong resale value of the boat is not attached to indiviuals valuing the J/80 as a daysailer, but rather, the value of the boat as a strict one design class. Thus, I think that the class would be best served by individuals who support the class on the race course. The odds are that they would have a greater sense of what the real issues are versus someone who is not out there. Occationally, while on the forum, I see postings by indiviuals that do not own J/80s. I think that this is good. This supports, and gives potential purchasers of the J/80, an opportunity to ask questions and participate. However, I give a lot more weight to what is said by actual J/80 sailors. They know first hand about the things that they are commenting about. Officers are no different.

Postby Guest » Tue Feb 26, 2002 11:14 pm

At this time I would like to expand my proposed slate to include a nomination for Steve Strout for the Sec/treas position. Steve has been involved in both the northern and southern scene for some time and in the light of someone's comment about keeping class officers in the same geographical area I think that he would provide some valuable insight to some of the issues that keep popping up.
Tom Gore
#36 Javelin

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 27, 2002 12:35 am

Lets narrow the nomination down to Class Secretary. I endorse Mike Lague as treasurer.

I'm working in Denver and weekending in Fort Worth, so I can give "face time" to the Dillon fleet as well as the southern circuit fleets.

Ghost Dancing
# 290

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 27, 2002 11:43 am

At this time I strongly feel that the current board should remain the same for another year. It seems to me that as soon as a newly elected board gets its bearings and starts to get comfortable in their positions, its time to change members. Two year terms gives each board a chance to do some real good, as well as not handing off half finished prodjects to the next board. As a new member I was very impressed with Steve H., Vicky Jo N., and Karl D. down in Key West and hope to have them remain in their current roles. Thank you.
#102 Woody

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 27, 2002 4:00 pm

I agree 100% with Mr. Wood. Let's provide some continuity to the board and let this group finish what they started. We can nominate a new slate at the end of 2002 and have them in place by early 2003.

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 27, 2002 5:44 pm

I would like to suggest that we consider "staggered" terms for all of our officers. In other words half the officers elected in year one for two year terms and the other half elected in year two for two year terms. This would help with continuity as we would not have a wholesale change at the top level.

Scott Spurlin

USA #334

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 27, 2002 7:43 pm

I also agree with Mr. Wood and Mr. Morlan as far as keeping the current board in place for another year. I think 2 year terms for the officers would help the class. We need to make sure that all members have a say in our class. Appears that things are being too rushed. I also do not favor only e-mail voting at this time. If we use e-mail only then we should notify all members that this is the approved method for communication. Has this been done? Without a directory it is hard to say that we communicate with the fleet. This last year things have greatly improved for the racing members. It is now possible to get membership stickers for you boat as well as sail "patches" for new sails. I also received a certificate declaring the weight of my boat. The current officers have made strides forward for the members. I support the efforts the officers have made.


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