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Postby Guest » Mon Jul 16, 2001 2:28 pm

How is it that the J-80 gives the J-92 12 seconds? Can't possibly be fair.

Postby Guest » Mon Jul 16, 2001 3:03 pm

Nah, somebodies made a typo (brain fart). The J92 is 10-15 seconds faster than a J80.

Postby Guest » Mon Jul 16, 2001 4:21 pm

Actually, the doctor from Texas was me! After 1997 Key West Race Week, I made a spreadsheet comparing performance of the top three finishers for each race in the J/80 and J/27 classes, who shared a start on the same line. If I recall correctly, the J/27's finished an average of 12 sec/mile ahead of the J/80's. Our ratings on Galveston Bay are mostly in line with Rod Johnstone's recommendations. J/80 in ODR configuration (PHRF 120) GETS 15 sec/mile from the J/92 and 12 sec/mile from the J/29 MHOB. The J/80 would only owe 6 sec/mile to a J/29 with fractional rig and inboard engine. With the many J/29 configurations, it's important to compare apples to apples.

Postby Guest » Tue Jul 17, 2001 7:36 am

Steve, I did a widely circulated piece for my J-92 LMPHRF appeal as well, so we can BOTH say we are doctors from Texas who did spread sheets on the rating!

I erred in my posting. Of course the J-80 is a bit SLOWER than the J-29 and the J-92. And of course there are many varieties of J-29, but at the NOODs, where they play level, the fractional IBs do pretty well against the MH OBs.

Postby Guest » Thu Aug 16, 2001 11:07 am

In Charleston, SC we are racing PHRF vs. mainly Melges 24s, J105s, 29s and a J125. We are sailing in OD config. and rate 114. Main, jib, chute. We rate equally with a J29. Melges and 105's rate 87 while the 125 owes us 117 sec./mile! I'm seeing may variations of the J80 PHRF rating here. Is there a standard J80 OD config. rating that perhaps our club has overlooked?

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 05, 2005 6:09 pm

Here's some great information on the new IRC rule.

Includes comparisons to PHRF and IMS as well as how to get one and what
it means to any sailboat racer. Seems it is going to be taking a
strong hold in the US and if you race, you should know about it.

Finally, something to read that is easy to understand. It includes
downloads of all the forms and rules. ... ticle=1056

Enjoy !!!

Postby Guest » Sat Oct 08, 2005 11:26 am

this may get closer to IRC information


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