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Postby Guest » Mon Jun 25, 2001 6:57 pm

Am I correct that the rating is 113? Is there a rating for sailing without the spinnaker? Our club races are very short course and it seems I might be better off without it.

Postby Guest » Mon Jun 25, 2001 9:05 pm


Each regional PHRF Fleet handicaps differently, which explains the range of rating differences you will see posted in the forum from different areas of the country. I can give you an idea how PHRF Narragansett Bay handicaps the J/80 which will give you an idea of what to expect in your area.

Base rating in OD configuration:
119 Spinn/136 NonSpinn

Having said that, I sailed my boat once non-spinn the very first week I had her and died downwind with just a class jib. After that, I questioned why anyone would willingly want to deprive themselves of the one weapon you have to level the playing field with the other boats - a sail area/displacement ratio of about 60 with the kite up?

Our club races are often short courses too but the chute pays off.



Postby Guest » Thu Jun 28, 2001 10:22 am

On the Gulf Coast I rate 126. We do not have non-spinnaker ratings. You are definetly better off with the spinnaker, even on short courses. It is easy to fly, and easy to jibe even with inexperienced crew.

Postby Guest » Thu Jun 28, 2001 1:24 pm

I would like to collect data from around the country on PHRF ratings, in one-design configuration and PHRF. On Lk. St. Clair, we are 117 O.D. and 111 PHRF. I think we may be the lowest around, and the data would be helpful in my appeal to the local handicappers. Thanks the time to help out!

Postby Guest » Thu Jun 28, 2001 4:38 pm

In North Carolina I rate 114 with 155 genoa

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 29, 2001 10:13 am


We rate 117 with a 150% genoa and 123 OD, average conditions 8-14 knots courses are mainly windward leeward on open ocean with some protection by small offshore islands. (Big waves and a LOT of chop.)

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 29, 2001 1:35 pm

PHRFNE rates 120 OD. 114 with a 135% head sail. Very low for the waves. I can only steer waves so long.

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 29, 2001 9:13 pm

In TN we rate a 120 OD and 108 with a 150 genoa. A 135 genoa rates a 114.

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 29, 2001 10:38 pm

At Western Carolina, I rate 118. I have raced in Mobile at 117 and at Lake Norman, NC at 105 and KY Lake at 120.

Postby Guest » Mon Jul 02, 2001 10:55 am

Here in Austin Texas we are 111 in PHRF configuration and 117 in OD configuration. Not sure what size head sail for the PHRF config.

I think this thread is interesting but to make it valuable for meaningful comparisons we need to have the difference's between boats that have been around for a while. If we had the relative diffeence between the J80's and J29's, J27's, Hobie 33's, Melges 24's and other boats that we raced in PHRF the information would mean more. Here in Austin we use J29's as the base boat and try to adjust the other boats in the fleet against that rating on our average course configuration. At least thats the theory.

I've only raced OD the last few several months but those of you that need to play the PHRF game if you could compile a table with several boats versus the J80 and the relative differences this would be a great location to post the table. Most of the data is on the web if you do searches on PHRF or go to various yacht club pages. Southern California PHRF is an excellent site that has a great data with wupporting rational.

Postby Guest » Thu Jul 05, 2001 8:42 am

On Lake Champlain in Vermont we rate 117 ODR and 111 with 155%. Comparitively we race in B class against 3 Melges 24 (102), 2 Pearson 37 (102) 3 J-29 OB FR (117), 2 J-30 135. We do fine with wind under 10 knots true but if the waves build we really struggle upwind against the other boats in our class.

Postby Guest » Fri Jul 06, 2001 1:53 pm

For the benefit of relative newcomers to the class, does anyone have copies of the PHRF discussion that was on the old forum a few years ago? I seem to recall that Rod Johnstone had weighed in at one point with what he considered the differences between J29, maybe J27, and J80. Also, someone, I seem to recall maybe a Dr. from Texas, had an analysis of the elapsed times from Key West that made a pretty good comparison between the various similar J-boats and the J80.

Postby Guest » Fri Jul 06, 2001 2:15 pm


Rod Johnstone wrote an article explaining his rationale for PHRF handicapping the different J boats which is published on line at the J Boats website under "articles"

Or try:


Postby Guest » Fri Jul 06, 2001 4:17 pm

Thanks John, that designer information needed to be referenced in this thread.

Postby Guest » Mon Jul 16, 2001 10:27 am

The doctor from Texas was me. I am now living Milwaukee and am on the Lake Michigan PHRF Handicapping group.

A one design J-80 (jib, main, kite) owes about six seconds a mile to the J-29 and 12 seconds to the J92. The ODR J-80 rates 120 on Lake Michigan for both windward leeward and point to point races. That should probably change....


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