Rigging Problems for new owner

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Postby Guest » Sun Jul 01, 2001 10:45 am

My #382 is finally in our Maine Harbor but am expending too much effort toward correcting (in my opinion) rigging that does not work! 1: The sprit control shock cord (10 feet supplied) is MUCH too short! No way that it can accomodate the required stretch. After other efforts I am ordering a longer cord from an internet supplier and will cut to a realistic length! The sprit rotation issue will be corrected at the same time, I hope. (There is more but I will spare you this time)
Sailing single handed I have opted to buy a little tiller auto pilot which is powered by the supplied battery through a cig adapater female outled in the cockpit. Will drive my GPS too. A solar panel will charge the battery.
Can't wait to do something besides work on the boat!

Postby Guest » Fri Jul 06, 2001 1:40 pm


Before you run out and spend a lot of money on an autopilot, I suggest you get the boat in the water and sail it some. Autopilots draw quite a bit from the battery and those simple tiller autopilots don't really follow the apparent wind, they typically just follow a compass bearing.

I sail alone quite a bit and have found that the boat is really well balanced. When everything is trimmed properly, I can just pull the backstay lines over the tiller and the boat will track beautifully as I attend to things.

When hoisting or dousing the chute, overtrim the jib and let the main out more. The boat will hobble along fine until you are done.


Postby Guest » Sun Jul 08, 2001 12:34 pm

Thanks to all who have helped me finally install my sprit so that it will operate according to the book. The owners info states that 10' of shock cord is provided. I took their word for it and then ,upon measuring, found only 8 feet of cord was supplied!! Also even 10 feet was too much of a "stretch"!! I had to use almost 14 feet of my purchased cord to get it right! Does J Boats read any of this?? I wasted much time trying to use what they sent me-hopefully future purchasers will benefit from our trials!

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