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Postby Guest » Mon Mar 18, 2002 8:05 pm

Just returned from a week long racing course there, can't recommend it highly enough. I had been there once before and had a great experience. They have seven J/80's so it's tailor made for the folks on this forum. There are all sorts of different levels of courses (and not just racing) and although there is a set curriculum, they constantly probe for each student's particular needs to make sure each participant learns what they want to learn. Most of the time is spent on the water, they say you'll get 6 hours a day on the water, we got more than 6 each day. They pair you with other sailors of similar knowledge/interest if you're alone but I know they will take complete crews too. Had three different instructors during the week, all top notch -- the kind of people you wish you could sail with all the time. Did a little online research and found that two of them raced regularly on a well-known, very competitive Farr 40 and one was ranked 9th in the WORLD in probably the most popular small boat class in San Diego among some internationally known names in sailing. The other was on the #1 ranked sailing team in her last year of college sailing a few years ago. Again, I can't recommend them highly enough --- and no I don't have any interest or affiliation with J/World or J/Boats. And if that's not enough, San Diego is a great place to visit especially for sailors.

Postby Guest » Mon Mar 18, 2002 10:23 pm

Was there myself a few weeks ago. I'll second those comments. Wonderful instructors, a great location, and lots of hard sailing and good fun.

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