Looser Lifelines

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Postby Guest » Mon Oct 14, 2002 7:28 pm

Can anyone say they have won or lost a regatta on hiking and lifelines alone? There should be a minimum tightness for lifelines.As for the french boats,I have sailed both,and the stanchion angle on the french boats is angled a little more inboard than the US models. That brings the playing field to an even level.

Postby Guest » Sun Oct 27, 2002 6:53 pm

I just finished a club race at FWBC and called another competitor on his crew's position trimming the spinnaker outside of the sheer by locking his heels on the edge of the deck, with the lifelines in the back of his knees and leaning out so that his ENTIRE BODY ABOVE THE KNEES was outside the sheer at the deck. When I called them on it I recieved grief as to how it did not affect anything and that it was OK. This is contrary to RRS #49.2 which states, "When lifelines are required by the class rules or the sailing instructions they shall be taut, and competitors shall not position any part of their torsos outside them, except briefly to perform a necessary task." What frosts my ass is that this blatent disregard for the rules, not to mention safety, was dismissed as sour grapes on my part. When did compliance to only the rules that are convienant come into vogue. This went on long enough for me to notice, to inform the other boat, and for them to continue doing so long enough for me to deploy a protest flag. It was only the deployment of the flag that caused them to stop. If this is the kind of conduct that becomes acceptable I'm not interested. There are many more things to spend my time and money on than to be harassed for trying to play by all of the rules.


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