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Postby Guest » Thu Aug 09, 2001 3:40 pm

Hi Gang,

I am starting to keep an eye on J80 offerings to get a feel for the market- my wanderings lead me across this boat, which looks like it is ready to sail round the world! So if you feel the need to turn your sportboat into a World Cruiser, take a look at this!



http://yachtworld.com/listing/yw_listin ... units=Feet

Postby Guest » Tue Sep 11, 2001 8:26 pm

I just bought this boat (hull #257). She truly is amazingly outfitted, yet not the dog you'd think even with a gas tank that holds 16 gallons! Last Sunday had her out in 15-20 knots with kids (including my 8 month old) and novices on board, kept the jib furled and still hit 7 knots of boat speed on a reach.

Imagine four experienced crew, weight on the rail, and the kite flying...

Postby Guest » Thu Oct 04, 2001 11:12 pm

Congratulations Chip! A fine boat, well maintained, ready for anything.

Is this your first sport boat? If so, I'd like to know how quickly you adapt to the assymetrical spinnaker. Bob Von Felton (see racing tips section), seems to think that a helicopter is required to rig the chute. I am betting that you can do it from the deck without resorting to aerial solutions.

Glad to see the kids out with you as well. Enjoy your new boat!



Postby Guest » Mon Oct 08, 2001 1:40 am

Thanks Jay. After seeing Vertical Limit and The Perfect Storm, I don't think I want a helicopter anywhere near the boat... :wink:. The J/80 manual has a very clear setup diagram for the kite, although I'll be launching out the hatch due to the dodger. Looking forward to trying it once we get the boat out on Puget Sound. Have some experience spin trimming on a M24 so hopefully the J/80 won't be too much of a challenge...

Postby Guest » Mon Oct 08, 2001 3:50 pm

Did you own a boat prior to your new 80? What was your first impression of the J80 versus your old boat, or perhaps against the M24?

Let us know how she performs. Amazing boat.


Postby Guest » Mon Oct 08, 2001 4:43 pm

The J/80 seems more solid then the Melges and of course offers way more in interior space and amenities (especially the one I bought). My previous boat was a Catalina 16.5 centerboard dinghy and a completely different sailing experience than the J/80. More movement in and out, aggressive hiking, delicate balance to keep from capsizing on downwind jibes...you get the picture. I am still getting used to not having to hang my butt over the edge when the boat heels.

I saw some earlier posted from you and it looks like you currently own a Colgate 26, but may be in the market for the J/80. So far, I am completely pleased with the boat and the local dealer. Best of luck in your decision-making.


Postby Guest » Wed Oct 10, 2001 12:03 pm


I read somewhere that this boat has a custom porta-potty mount. Would you be able to send me a picture and/or a written description of how and where its mounted.

Also if there are other crusing conveniences that do not hurt the racing ability I would enjoy hearing about them.

here's my email: cblock@austin.rr.com

Thanks in advance


Postby Guest » Wed Oct 10, 2001 3:03 pm

Hi Chris,

The boat came with a porta-potty and some mounting brackets, but the brackets were never mounted on the boat. I'm glad they weren't as there is no easy way to mount and still have access to the potty.

What I've done is simply set the potty between the cockpit support post and the quarter berth (it fits perfectly) with the handle facing forward. To use, I remove the companionway stair pins, rotate the stairs up and slide out the potty using the handle. Still haven't figured out the privacy screen yet...maybe rigging a clip to hold the stairs up while the potty is in use and draping a towel or something over the stairs.

Probably the biggest cruising convenience on Gizmo is the excellent lighting installed by the previous owner. Four halogens (just like the J/105) in the cabin, steaming lights, and spreader lights. I'm going to look at portable heating solutions next ( http://www.boatscape.com/bsstore/item.cfm?pid=13854 ) to make camping out a little more comfortable. I also have a camp stove that might come in handy to heat up some hot chocolate or soup.

Of course I also have a 16 gallon fuel tank that may never need to be refilled.... :wink: Definitely NOT recommended for racing.

Postby Guest » Wed Oct 10, 2001 6:59 pm

Chip: You mention that your set-up is definitely not for racing. Don't worry, because the J80 can be so much more than just a one design. It is truly a fabulous boat ! I use mine for mostly day sails in the Gulf Of Mexico and monthly phrf races. One day when another J80 shows up, I'll have my own class! Sail on !!!

Postby Guest » Wed Oct 10, 2001 8:25 pm

Thanks Bob. It really is a special boat, and Bob Ross tells me he had some success with the Fall Special (even in this lousy market) so more J/80's coming to Seattle!

Postby Guest » Sat Jun 08, 2002 10:21 pm

Can anyone tell me their experiences with small kids on the J80? I have a 4 and 7 year old. We currently sail a Cape Dory 25 for that reason. I have owned a J24 fro 8 years prior. I miss it! Has any one done any cruising with kids on the J80 too?

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