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Postby Guest » Mon Feb 04, 2002 8:55 pm

I've never seen a J-80 hoisted by the lifting point even though many of you do it routinely.

I tried lifting #259 and it was very stern heavy ... will the boat lift evenly if I remove motor and gas from stern?? do I need to remove the rudder too?

Can I hang the boat from this point for long periods so as to "dry sail" it rather than keeping it in the water? I have a davit on my dock that would suffice. I know a lift would be preferable but since I'd be lifting by the keel...

I'm assuming lifting by the keel would be preferable to lifting with straps under the hull 5' for and aft of the center of keel weight.

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 04, 2002 10:05 pm

Bob, I've hoisted mine several times with no problem, though never with the motor on the back. With all gear, sails and motor below the boat lifts perfectly level. Don't think I'd recommend hanging long term.

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 04, 2002 10:54 pm


It is very important to rig some guy lines for and aft to control the way the boat hangs. I rig smaller line from the loop in the strap to (4) stantion bases.

If you lift the boat without these lines in place it may rock and damage the mast.

I always try to keep the aft lines taught enough so that the bow pitches down a bit this will assure that the mast will not make contact with the crane.

I would not hang the boat for too long, I guess it could change it's shape over an extended period of time. If you are hanging it for repair put a piece of foam or something under the keel and drop the boat until it just touches, this will help stabilize.

Also whenever possable leave the trailer under the boat when working on it. If something lets go you have a good chance of not getting hurt.

Good Luck


Postby Guest » Wed Feb 06, 2002 12:24 pm


The 80 is heavy aft on the lifting strap with the engine on. I just tie a guide line aft to one side of the base of the stern pulpit. With about 20 lbs. of pressure on the aft line it will make the boat ever so slightly bow down -which is what you want so the mast and shrouds stay away from the crane. I also tie two side guide lines onto the strap. Be careful not to get these too tight. They just need to bearly be snug.

I would not keep the boat hoisted on the strap for long periods of time. No problem to have two straps lifting the hull out on slings.

Jay Lutz

Postby Guest » Thu Feb 07, 2002 2:14 pm

Hi gang, just thought I would drop a note as someone who lifts boats on a regular basis.

1. Absolutely minimize the time the boat is in the air without a trailer under it, and don't spend any extra time under the boat.

2. Whatever you attach the additional stabilizer lines to should be through bolted and backing plated, ie a cleat or mooring ring.

3. Never ever ride with the boat.

4. Don't ever get complacent about picking up a boat even though it may seem routine after several regattas.

I have been sailing and lifting J24's for many years and know of a couple of boats that were dropped, including one that someone was riding on. You never know when the strap is going to fail. Additionally, you should consider upgrading the strap every couple of years, $40 strap is very inexpensive considering.

Safe Boating to all.

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