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Postby Guest » Thu Aug 22, 2002 7:55 am

I am buying a J/80 and need advice about the feasabilty of dry sailing. I have two options on my lake. At one facility they only dry sail. The other facility is traditional slips where I would have access to a Hydrohoist. The annual costs at the slip would be $2000 (plus I would have a $7000 upfront cost for the Hydrohoist) vrs $400 drysailing.

At the facility with Dry sailingg, the J/80 would be the biggest boat there. Currently there is a J/24 that is successfully using the hoist. The two ton hoist is more than capable of raising the boat, but I have a few worries:

1. The hoist hook can only rise to 11' 2" off the ground. Is this enough altitude to lift the J/80 off the standard Triad Trailer???

2. The hoist does not have a motor driven rotation and I am worried about the amount of personnal need to stabilize the boat in any sort of breese on the hoist.

3. Ease of moving the boat on the parking lot...how many people does it take to push the boat?

Any advise???
Terry Burke

Postby Guest » Thu Aug 22, 2002 10:42 am

Dry sailing sounds cheaper, but I think you need to weight convenience vs. cost. The easier it is to launch and rig your boat, the more often you will use it.
1. I am not sure if the 11'-2" dimension is adequate, but should be close. You only need to lift the boat an inch or two and then move the trailer out from under.
2. You will need at least three people to safely rotate the boat in a big breeze.
3. The same three folks can push the boat and trailer (slowly). Can't you use a vehicle or tractor in the boat yard?
Good luck

Postby Guest » Thu Aug 22, 2002 12:13 pm

The double axle trailor is tuff to push around with out the team there to help. I agree with Chris, the easier it is to go sailing the more the boat will be used. Does your drysail area have a tractor or alike to get the boat to/from the lift?


Postby Guest » Thu Aug 22, 2002 3:39 pm

I have had the same thoughts which is why I am asking for people with experience. I am and will continue to race my Lightning at the sailing club (with Dry Sailing). The PHRF fleet at the other facility with slips race on Saturdays and the one designs sail on Sunday. There is obvious cost savings to dry sailing which could be tranferred into sails. When racing PHRF with full crew, manhandling the boat would be no problem.
I have watched the J/24 do it with a double axle Triad trailer and the boat weighs the same as the J/80 though it is a little lower to the ground. I took 4 people to move the boat up an incline to get to its parking spot. They do frown on cars in the lot, but I do it any ways to work on the Lightning. On the otherhand, if I showed up with my wife and small kids, using the hoist would not be convenient.
I was told by Jeff Johnstone that 11' would be theoretically enough height. I wonder if this would allow enough height to have stabilizing lines forward and aft to keep the boat from pitching. Even if I do use the slip and hydrahoist, I may still elect to pull the boat at the hoist. Getting the boat hoisted at the marina costs $125 in and another $125 out and they do it at their convenience

Postby Guest » Thu Aug 22, 2002 7:42 pm

I have been dry sailing my j80 for three years. I leave it on a trailer which is easily moved by my suv to the hoist spot. I can do the entire launch and retrieve by myself (I usually sail solo) if there is not much breeze. However, I have recently worked out a much better system. The owner of the boatyard loves the boat and is an extremely meticulous boatsman. He gets to use the boat whenever I am not around and in return, he has the boat in the water waiting for me whenever I call to tell him I am coming. When I return, I leave the boat at the dock and he takes care of hauling it.This works out especially well for me as I live pretty far away and to spend precious time and energy launching and hauling used to be a pain. Now sailing the boat is pure pleasure. IT ONLY COSTS $1000 PER YEAR AND I LIVE IN AN AREA WHERE I CAN SAIL YEAR ROUND. A BETTER DEAL YOU COULD NOT FIND ANYWHERE.

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