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Postby Guest » Wed Jun 06, 2001 11:44 pm

Want a new sail but the budget wont allow it?
Why not take advantage of the weak New Zealand dollar (0.41cents US) and buy
your new sail from Halsey Lidgard Sailmakers in New Zealand.
All our sails are computer designed and cut to ensure exacting standards and
quality. For more information contact Justin or Bill at or visit our web site


Justin Robertson
Sail Consultant
Halsey Lidgard Sailmakers
email: <A HREF="

Postby Guest » Thu Jun 07, 2001 7:19 am

Dear Justin,
I have a J/80 in Perth and had locally made sails for half the price. My experience is as follows:
After 2 years I ordered North Sails again at nearly 2 the price. Why? I believe for classes like J/80 the is not enough know how yet in Australia, and I do not like to be the experimental sail at half the price. Maybe for a long established class like the J/24 which has been around for years, but not the J/80. How many are here. There one in Australia, and to my knowledge there is none in NZ.
I had 70% Blast Reacher cut 2 years ago by Jay Lutz (Shore Sails) now with North Sails and the 70 % spin is as fast as the 100% locally cut!!!!!
I just ordered another full size kite (Yes expensive) but I know I take it out of the box, put up and I will work...Full stop. No recuts nothing.
Affordable yes but experience is No.
A-kite are very difficult to get right, I know that from developement work we did in Skiffs....

I daubt very much that you first kite out of the box will "work". We spend 6months to get it right with a 12ft skiff and many many experimental kites.

Finally I may point out that in my opinion this is a site for owners and not for commercial advertising and I am sure once everybody is back from the worlds they will attend to it.....

Buggre off, this is a owner forum not a free advertising medium

Bob von Felten
#95 Cafe Latte

Postby Guest » Thu Jun 07, 2001 9:31 am

I have to agree with Bob. This is really not the appropriate medium for posting commercial messages.

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