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Postby Guest » Sun Aug 10, 2003 9:19 pm

Most of my comments below involve (at least to me) unclear or vague
wording, undefined terms, etc. It seems to me they should be cleaned
up before passage.

6.1a "committing an unlawful act in relation to the Class or one of
its members" ... "in relation" seems awkward. Perhaps "involving" or

6.2 "... at least 30 days written notice of the hearing". What
hearing? There is no other reference to a hearing. Perhaps something
like this would be better: "No Member shall be suspended or removed
without first being able to be heard by the Executive Committee. Such
hearing shall not take place with less than 30 days notice to the

7.8c and 8.2 "... give due notice to all relevant persons of such
meetings". What is due notice? Who are the relevant persons?

Perhaps just a forward reference in 7.8c to 8.2: "Keep minutes of and give
due notice (per 8.2) of all Executive Committee Meetings."

7.9 "co-opt" seems a be colloquial, but it does get the point
across. More importantly what does section 9 (Tech Committee) have
to do with filling vacancies? Do you mean section 8?

8.4 why is there a point "a)" without a point "b)"? In "The Chairman
shall have a second and casting vote", why say "and casting
vote". That seems awkward.

Section 9 (Tech Committee) and Section 10 (Class Measurers). Perhaps
these sections should be reversed in order since the Tech Committee
section has forward references to the Class Measurers section.

9.1 "... and operate as a sub committee of, the Execute committee". sub
committee implies a subset, but it's clear (I think) that Technical
Committee members need not be Executive Committee members (e.g. class

9.2 "Chief Measurer" is not defined. Who gets that title and how?

9.2 and 7.3 The copyright holder is referred to in both paragraphs but
in 9.2 is it given explicitly as J/Boats, Inc. The two should be consistent.

9.2 typo: "one representative from each the Class Measurers" should be
"one representative from each *of* the Class Measurers".

12.1 "sail buttons"? The class rules use "royalty labels". Unless I'm
confused about what is meant here.

14. "General Meeting" is not defined. What is it? A physical meeting
of (all, some, a lot of) Members? What is a quorum for such a meeting?
What notice is required?


13 Accounts. Shouldn't some financial statements be furnished to the
membership at least annually? In the private area of the website would
be reasonable if you want to hold down costs.

-- Jon Rochlis, Hull #484, Jolly Mon

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