Available for viewing and download below are the J/80 International Class Rules, as approved by the ISAF for International Class status. These files are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software available from adobe to open, read & print.

J/80 Standard Building Specifications Effective August 16, 2018
J/80 International Class Rules Effective April 1, 2018
Rules Changes 2018 Effective April 1, 2018
Rules Changes 2013 Effective April 19, 2013
Rules Changes 2011 Effective May 23, 2011
Rules Changes 2010 Effective July 16, 2010
Rules Changes 2009 Effective June 1, 2009
Rules Changes 2006 Effective March 1, 2006

J/80 Class Association Constitution (Effective 15 Dec 2014)

Technical Committee Interpretations

April 2004 - ISAF Approved Interpretations
May 2002 - Requests for Rule Interpretations

Changes to J/80 Class Rules

The J/80 Class is an "ISAF Recognized" class, meaning that all changes to Class Rules and the Constitution must be approved not only by the J/80 Class but by ISAF as well. This is a positive, in that the ISAF subcommittees that deal with class rule changes have a great deal of experience across a number of classes. The side effect is that the process can be lengthy.

Under our current ICA (International J/80 Class Association) Constitution, the ICA Executive Committee is responsible for managing the class affairs, which includes modification of the Class Rules and Constitution. To date, rules change proposals have generally come from an NCA (National J/80 Class Association), a measurer or a licensed builder. The proposals are reviewed/screened by the ICA Technical Committee, then a resolution is returned to the Executive Committee for vote after a review period.

How does one go about submitting a rules change proposal?

In the US, there are three conduits to the ICA Executive Committee. 1st is the US representative to the ICA Executive Committee; 2nd is the US representative to the ICA Technical Committee, and 3rd is the Copyright Holder (J-Boats).

In general, there are three types of rules changes:

1. Typos and minor grammatical corrections needed to more clearly define the existing rules.
2. Measurement related wording changes, usually a result of measurers' experience in the field.
3. Equipment or racing related changes (like crew weight, sails, etc.) that impact the way the boat is sailed.

Proposals involving type 1 & 2 changes are always encouraged and can be submitted to the J/80 Class Association USA Executive Committee by any Member. If not self-evident, the proposal should include reasons for the change. Proposals of type 3 variety should first have the backing of an exisiting J/80 fleet or at least 20 J/80 Members before being considered. This is a minimum "acid test" so that the class is not inundated with individual requests for rules changes that haven't demonstrated wider grass-roots support.


The normal ISAF procedure calls for all Class Approved rules proposals to be received by their office no later than August 31 of the year preceding the desired implementation date. The standard ISAF implementation date for new Class Rules is the March 1st following approval at their November meeting. While ISAF Recognized Classes are able to obtain ISAF approval for rules changes on a year-round basis, the following is the J/80 Class adopted guideline for J/80 rules proposals:

April 15 Deadline for submission of rules proposals to ICA ExCom.
Jun 15 Deadline for ICA Technical Committee to formulate resolutions and return to ExCom.
Aug 15 ICA ExCom Meeting (teleconference) to vote on resolutions.
Aug 31 Submission of approved resolutions to ISAF.
Nov ISAF approves/rejects submissions.
Mar 1 Implementation date of new rules.

This timetable allows 90 days for each NCA to review with their class Members prior to an ICA vote.